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Take action on that unfinished course that's been hanging over your head in a 30 day sprint

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Introducing the Course Success All-Stars Membership

This is not a course accountability membership; it's a course success partnership based on the tenets of self-compassion and one goal at a time.

Grab some quick wins, jumpstart your business and personal growth, and stop feeling so guilty and regret about those unopened and unfinished courses.

Join a community of like-minded course junkies who want to successfully complete, implement, and celebrate those all those unfinished course action steps whether the original course was $50 or $2000.

Membership Walkthrough and Q and A

If you're a course junkie, course collector, or course connoisseur looking to finally implement those action steps or knowledge from that course you know will transform your business while learning how to let go of the need to complete a course perfectly, then you already know that your current action plan isn't working for you.

Let's face it - you already know that ...

  • accountability is the key to successfully completing goals and saying them aloud to someone leads to success at least 65% of the time.
  • self-made accountability partners and groups are rarely built for long-term success - after all, life happens or they complete the course and move on, or the dynamic turns rotten.
  • learning isn't the only important part of courses; implementation is even more important since taking action is the only way to achieve success.


Here's what you might NOT know:

Even if you consciously know that accountability and implementation are essential to making progress ... having a motivated success partner who holds you accountable but focuses on progress over process significantly increases the likelihood of achieving explosive growth.

  • According to Pearson's law, when performance is measured, it improves, but when performance is measured and reported, it improves exponentially.
  • The difference between publicly committing to your goals and having a specific accountability partner is more than 30%, increasing your chance of success to as much as 95%.
  • You're even more likely to be successful if you prioritize success and progress over accountability and process.

Even though the reasons to pursue accountability in course implementation are obvious, the path to doing so is anything but.


But how do I start to dig through all the courses I've started?

You sit down and start scrolling Facebook and the perfect course pops up in a sponsored ad.

Excited because you know that you need to work on growing your email list, you click through to the sales page and pull out your credit card to buy.

Ready to take action, you log onto your new course, dig into the first module, and realize that you want a buddy to work through the course with you.

You rush to the course support Facebook community and post to ask if anyone needs an accountability partner.


Scrolling down the Facebook group wall, you notice that the community is not actively engaged except for people who post their success stories.

So much for course support, right?

You return to the course and start to work through the module. Halfway through, you run into something that needs clarification - another post in the Facebook group goes unanswered.

You decide to set it aside until you have an answer ... and then never return to complete the course and implement because you don't have anyone to help you follow through and brainstorm with.

And this other email marketing course promises live course support ... for a limited time.

Here's why it becomes an impossible cycle to escape:

Facebook knows more about you than your own family does and serves up ads and content that they've seen you're interested in before. That's why your Facebook feed is full of "buy this course" or "attend this webinar" or "buy this small offer" posts 24/7.

In addition, every time you buy a course, you land on the email lists of folks who are constantly promoting their own products or their friends' products.

Finally, course creators have gotten smart about how to market their courses which means bundling is more and more popular. Seriously, how often do you pass up those 80 products for $97 deals?

Here's why most course junkies fail to implement their courses:

Without the robust support, accountability help, and place to celebrate your progress, it's next to impossible to move forward in the courses much less to implement the courses and find the success that is touted in those webinars and Facebook ads.

And it's not just you - research has shown that online courses have an 85% incompletion rate.

But it's not too late for you ... if you can avoid the same pitfalls of other course collectors and commit to following through on a success partnership and focusing on one goal.

Course Success Path Cycle


  • A highly motivated success partner who will show up each week and won't bail on you if life gets too hard or too busy or too distracting
  • Accountability and success through goal setting, weekly check-ins, expert trainings, accountability calls, community work sessions, and celebrations
  • A private bonus Facebook community


  • STARTING GUN - Day 1: Monthly Playbook
  • BREAKAWAY - Week 2: Expert training with Q and A on mindset, goal-setting, or productivity
  • SPRINT - Week 3: Accountability Call
  • FINISH LINE PUSH - Week 4: 2 Virtual Co-Working Sessions


  • An opportunity to access a generous affiliate rate for future launches.
  • A rate that you'll never with private accountability coaches ($30 a month today or an annual rate of $300).


Meet Sarah McLain, your partner in course success

Sarah Laughing in the Boston Public Garden

I serve new entrepreneurs who are struggling with building their businesses because they're overwhelmed with self-doubt, fear, or stressed by comparisons by teaching the foundations of self-compassion.

Why This Membership:

1. I've found that live courses where the milestones are laid out and weekly accountability and wins are built in lead to more success.

2. I'm frustrated by the drastic fall-off between the end of a live course or starting an evergreen course and the accompanying FB groups.

3. I'm tired of watching accountability partners stop showing up or accountability groups fall apart because of the dynamic and want to change it for you.

Questions Smart People Ask:

What kind of courses or action steps will you help me complete?

The ideal courses will be entrepreneurial or personal development online courses with clear action steps that can be broken down into goals. That being said, if we can build a plan based on another kind of course, I'm open to helping you succeed.

What does "success" mean?

"Success" is whatever you choose it to mean when you join the membership and set your goals. We will be working on progress over process and celebrating your wins every week.

Options include: watching all the videos in a course, completing the worksheets, implementing that one module you've been stuck on for months, producing a product, gaining 100 subscribers, developing a habit, whatever you need to focus on to move your business forward.

Here are some possibilities that you can achieve in 30 days of focus:

  • Post and connect on Instagram for 30 days straight
  • Complete module 2 of B-School by finishing up your website
  • Complete module 1 of Digital Course Academy by conducting 7 ICA calls
  • Produce a tripwire or an Easy Yes Offer for Love Your List
  • Write your welcome sequence for your newsletter
  • Launch a podcast
  • Create a challenge to build your list or launch your product
  • Complete Jenna Kutcher's Instagram course

When will the membership open again?

Next launch TBD. My first focus will be on serving my members and helping them achieve their action steps.

What will be the price when it opens again?

It may be higher than $30 a month.

Personal Guarantee:

You have 7 days from your first payment to request a complete refund of the membership fee by emailing [email protected]

If you pay monthly, you can cancel at any time after day 7 of your first month and you will have access through the end of your 30 days.

If you paid the annual rate, you can cancel at any time and you will have access through the end of your year. At the time of renewal, you'll automatically be charged $300 every year after until you cancel your subscription.

Note: If you cancel, you will have to re-join at the higher rate the next time the membership opens up again.

The full terms and conditions are located here: Course Sucess All-Stars Membership Terms.

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